Plenary Session

2020.6.15 (MON)


Associate Convener:

Professor Kuang-hua CHEN (National Taiwan University)

Professor Jer-ming HU (National Taiwan University)

Meeting Room

Meeting ID


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988 1259 5989

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08:00-08:15   (Taiwan)

09:00-09:15   (Japan)

08:15-08:55   (Taiwan)

09:15-09:55   (Japan)

Keynote I

Professor Hsin-Mu TSAI

Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, NTU

Digital Learning on NTU COOL in 2020

*includes Q&A

08:55-09:35   (Taiwan)

09:55-10:35   (Japan)

Keynote II

Professor Koji OKAMURA

Research Institute for Information Technology, Kyushu University

Security issues on online classes and home jobs in Japan

*includes Q&A

09:35-09:50   (Taiwan)

10:35-10:50   (Japan)

Coffee break

09:50-10:10   (Taiwan)

10:50-11:10   (Japan)

Keynote III

Dr. Lu-Cheng KUO 

Internal Medicine, NTU Hospital

Introduction to Remote Education in NTU Hospital

*includes Q&A

10:10-10:30   (Taiwan)

11:10-11:30   (Japan)

10:30-10:50   (Taiwan)

11:30-11:50   (Japan)

Student Presentation

Hann-Shyan HWANG, School of Medicine, NTU

Education E-volution in COVID-19 pandemic

*includes Q&A

Two students from each university

5 min each

Xi CHEN, Graduate School of Human-Environment Studies, Kyushu University

Online Class Experience as A Freshman under the impact of COVID-19

10:50-11:00   (Taiwan)

11:50-12:00   (Japan)

Closing Remarks

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